Computer Science by all, for all

Scientific method is all about bias. Over hundreds of years scientists have worked out ways to remove bias, whether conscious or unconscious from their experiments and other work. Computing is lagging behind both in research and in development of new technology; programs and devices seem to be full of biases of many different kinds. Technology should be for all, and that will only be possible if those developing it ensure they use methods that avoid bias. One step towards this is for people from many different backgrounds to be involved in the discipline, as well as ensuring everyday people of all backgrounds are consulted as a normal part of research and design processes.

Facing up to ALL faces

How face recognition technology caused the wrong Black man to be arrested… (read on)

Reclaim your name

In 2021 the Canadian government announced that Indigenous people could use their ancestral family names on identity documents. Because of computers, it wasn’t quite as easy as that though … (read on)

More to come (of course)

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CS4FN Issue 29: Diversity

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Diversity Day by Day

We are gradually linking all our diversity stories to the calendar to give links day by day to relevant stories and people of all backgrounds. It is also helping us find new stories. (To see what we have filled in so far…Read on).

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