Diversity in Computer Science

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Computer Science by all, for all

The unfortunate, misleading, but self-reinforcing, stereotype that computer science is only for white men is finally being beaten. In fact, from the 1940s when the first computers were built, people from all backgrounds whether male, female, black, white, deaf or blind, gay, straight, and of whatever religion, have been involved, including making key leaps forward. Computing is something anyone can excel at if they put their mind to it and work hard  to develop the skills. It is naturally a subject where people from many different disciplines meet and work together, and as we see to get computing right it is important for those of all backgrounds to be involved. The way the world works does make it harder for many to get the breaks that let their abilities shine, but there are people working on that too, providing support for those who need the help. Here we give you a taste of the diversity that has always been there.

CS4FN Issue 29: Diversity…

Issue 29 of the CS4FN magazine focusses on Diversity will be out later this year. Go to our download site to get the magazine or read the articles online here once blogged as well as finding related links.

… or see the links below for portals to much more of the achievements of specific groups.

The Women are (still) here

Women have been at the forefront of computer science and electronic engineering from the outset (and still are)…. (read on)

Black History, Present and Future

Early black computer scientists have been celebrated less than they deserve until recently but have been integral to the development of computing past, present and future. (Read on)

LGBTQ+ Computer Science Greats

Banner for LGBTQ+ Computer Science Greats with white text on the rainbow pride flag

Some of the most amazing computer scientists, the absolute greats, who have transformed the subject have been LGBTQ+. Several have also played a major role helping transform both views and the law..… (read on)

Middle Eastern and North African Heritage

Arabic scholars were some of the first to seriously work practically with the idea of algorithms spreading the ideas to the west. The foundation of robotics and cyber security also have strong foundations there from a milenia ago. This legacy lives on in the many of Middle Eastern and North African heritage (wherever they were born or work) excelling in computer science today (Read on)

Asian Computer Science Stars

The Indian subcontinent is a driving force of the software industry and Japan has always been innovators and first adopters of technology. The data representation we use for numbers and the first algorithms were devised by Hindu mathematicians. Wonderful research has been done by modern stars with Asian heritage (wherever they were born or work)… (Read on)

Disability and Computer Scientists

Disabled people and those with chronic and debilitating illness have excelled in computer science just like in other subjects. Because of its very nature the subject needs people from all backgrounds… (Read On)

Diversity Day by Day

We are gradually linking our diversity stories to the calendar to give links day by day to relevant stories and people of all backgrounds. It is also helping us find new stories. (To see what we have filled in so far…Read on).


There are lots of ways that the design of computer systems has included biases against different groups leading to bad effects on society as a whole. We explore some of them here. We also look at some of the ways people are removing the biases once they have been noticed. (Coming Soon)

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