A manequin in shadow, arms spread wide waiting to be dressed
Image by Zaccaria Boschetti from Pixabay

Amy Dowse wondered if an app might help people suffering with anxiety. One way to overcome panic attacks is a mindfulness technique where you focus on the here and now – your surroundings rather than your internal feelings. For her university MSc project, she created an app to help people do this, called Here. It prompts you to look for coloured objects in the real world then use them to build a picture in the app. For example, you look at the colour of the clothes that people around you are wearing and try to fully dress a figure on the app using what you see.

– Paul Curzon, Queen Mary University of London, Spring 2021

Download Issue 27 of the cs4fn magazine on Smart Health here.

This post and issue 27 of the cs4fn magazine have been funded by EPSRC as part of the PAMBAYESIAN project.

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