Diversity Day by Day: March

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The history of computer science is often presented as almost completely white and male. Here is a more diverse day by day version, It may start sparse but we will fill it in with links to cs4fn articles as we come across diverse events. We will celebrate the contributions of computer scientists whether men, women, LGBTQ+, disabled or not, and of whatever ethnicity, religion or country of birth.

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March 1
A small photograph of computer scientist Mark Dean
March 2, 1957
Mark Dean born
IBM personal computer pioneer
March 3 1847
Alexander Graham Bell born
March 4
March 5
March 6
March 7
March 8
International Women’s Day
The Women are here
March 9
March 10 1876
Alexander Graham Bell 
makes first telephone call
March 11
March 12
March 13
March 14
March 15
March 16
March 17
March 18
March 19
March 20
March 21
March 22
Four of the 42 panels that made up ENIAC.
March 23 2011
Jean Bartik, died
1 of 6 female ENIAC programmers
March 24
March 25
March 26
March 27
March 28
March 29
March 30
March 31

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